Have everything you need for your electric fencing??

  • Energizer to match the fencing needs
  • Fence tester/Voltage indicator
  • Ground rod/Earth system
  • Electric fence posts (lots to choose from)
  • Insulated wire for lead out cable
  • Insulators
  • Warning signs
  • Poly-tape/Poly-wire/Steel wire
  • Reels
  • Spring Gate/Gate mechanism
  • Cut Out switch
  • Ratchet strainer if using smooth wire

DO NOT count on the label of the energizer to realistically inform you about how powerful an energizer you need. You must know how many feet of fence as well as the material you are using to properly electrify your fence. You must match linear feet with the Joule output of the energizer. A joule is a unit of energy. One joule is one watt of power for one second. You must know how many feet you are fencing to properly determine the size of the energizer, number of posts, and the length of wire.

Acres Square feet Perimeter (square) feet
1 43560 834
2 87120 1180
3 130680 1446
4 174240 1670
5 217800 1866
10 435600 2640