FullSizeRenderT-post Insulators

LWP Pinlock insulator: Made of UV resistant black plastic, Large insulators are for 1.33 t-post and Medium insulators are for 1.25 t-post. MADE IN THE USA. $.45 ea

stafix pin lockStafix Dual Purpose Insulator: Green in color, made to fit any size of t-post. $9.89 per bag

2934-25Snug Insulator: Extends wire 1″. Fits 1.25 & 1.33 T-post. Claw type holder. Black Only. $4.20 per bag

SNUG-XLSTP-25Snug 2″ Extender: Extends wire 2″, fits 1.25 & 1.33 Post. Claw type holder. Black only $ 5.50 per bag

tp extenderSnug 5″ Extender: Extends wire 5″ from post. Fits 1.25 & .33 posts. Claw type wire holder. Black only $9.25 per bag

snug-rt-25Snug Reverse: Installs onto the backside of a t-post. Extends 3″ from t-post. Claw type wire holder. Black only $9.25 per bag

T-post snugSnug Pinlock: For 1.25 & 1.33 T-posts, suitable for high tensile fences. $ 8.35 per bag

2193-25Screw-Tight T-post Insulator: Fits all sizes of t-post Will fit 1-1/4: wide U-post. $9.75

Wood Post Insulators

wp pinlockStafix Wood Post Pinlock: Constructed of green U.V. stabilized poly. Easy Installation. Green. $10.50per bag

2285-25Obrien Wood post Pinlock Insulator: Heavy duty pinlock insulator. Black in color. $9.29per bag

Dare Wood post Pinlock Insulator: Similar in design to the Obrien insulator, but white in color. $6.25

wp clawStafix Wood post Claw Insulator: Constructed of green U.V. stabilized poly. Easy Installation. $7.97

HDCL100_1Obrien Wood post Claw Insulator: Heavy duty wood post claw insulator. Black in color. $9.50

comboScrew in Combo Insulator: Designed to work with any steel or poli-conductor, other than horse tape. Large, robust design.$10.00

screw inScrew in Ring Insulator: Great for small gauge steel wire and poli-wire $8.75

screw in ropeScrew in Rope Insulator: Claw type insulator which easily screws into a wood post by hand. Will securely hold either the electric rope or the poli-wire. $.35

screw in tapeScrew in Tape Insulator: Designed with a special clamp to securely hold the 1 1/2″ tape. easy to install and remove if the fence line changes. $.35

1728-25Snug Wood post Insulator: Nail on insulator extends wire 1″. Nails included. White. $2.99

snug-swp-25Snug Wood post 2″ Extender: Nail-on Insulator extends wire 2″. Nails Included. Black/white. $4.15

WOODEX-5WP10Snug  Wood Post 5″ Extender: Nail-on Insulator extends wire 5″. Nails Included. Black/white. $4.79

snug-htw-25-croppedWood post Claw Insulator: Dare white. $7.45


blk oval endDare Oval End: Suitable for 17 gauge or poly fence. Black. $2.19

green oval endStafix Oval End: Dark green pol, for typical fencing installations. $19.00

white oval endStafix Oval End: White polycarbonate, for high strain fencing. $8.99 bag of 5

wrap aroundWrap around insulators: Flat with metal insert. For ends and around corners. 20″-$10.50bag   24″-12.00bag

imagesGALZ5KESChain link Extender: Designed as an insulator for chain link, also works on T-post.$7.50

p. chain linkPatriot Plastic Chain Link Extender: Attaches easily to chain link as an offset. $6.99


Screw-Tight Round Rod Insulator: Fits 1/4″ to 9″16 round post such as rebar or fiber glass rod. Black/White $15.59

3359-10Chain link Top rail: Dare top rail insulator. Extends wire 3-5″. $7.69