Selecting the Right Permanent Fence

Fence Basics:

  1. Strength
  2. Coating
  3. Knots
  4. Number


Selecting the right Strength:

  • Professional Strength (High Tensile): Gaucho Pro and Solidlock Pro fences stay strong and last long. These high-carbon (high tensile) fences have superior breaking strength, and are 30-60% stronger than standard fence. Designed for the professional fence installer, farmer or rancher, these fences are the strongest you can buy in the market.
  • High Strength: High strength products offer both high value and high breaking strength. They will last significantly longer than standard low carbon fencing. IF you need a fence that requires little to no maintenance and won’t sag or stretch over time, Gaucho and Solidlock high strength products are a great choice.
  • Standard Strength: Traditional strength (low carbon) fence is easy to work with and somewhat forgiving. However, it is prone to stretching and sagging.



















The difference between coatings:

Bezinal (Zinc Aluminum): Developed and produced exclusively by Bekaert, is our advanced hybrid zinc-aluminum coating that helps your fence last longer. Bezinal outperforms galvanized coating by at least 3 to 1 (for the same coating weight). Bekaert guarantees that the coating on Gaucho 30 and Solidlock 30 products will last at least 30 years.

Class 3: Class 3 galvanized is approximately 3 times thicker than the industry standard Class 1 galvanized coating. Bekaert guarantees that the coating on the Gaucho 30 and Solidlock 30 products will last for at least 20 years. *Class 3 products all meet or exceed ASTM A 121, and A 116, and A 641 standards.

Commercial and Class 1: Commercial and Class 1 galvanized coatings offer the basic protective coating for traditional fencing. Class 1 galvanized coating ASTM standards require .28 oz/ft^2 for 12.5 gauge wire.


Know your Knots:



Hinge Joint:  Found in Gaucho high strength field fence products, this knot is common in agriculture fencing. The knot is formed by wrapping the vertical stay wire pieces around the line wire at each intersection. This design can absorb animal impact without damage. Hinge Joint is the economical choice.




liveiwre-sknot-bekaert-highstenght“S” Knot: Found in Gaucho non-climb horse fences and sheep and goat fence. This design uses a separate piece of wire to attach the line wire to the solid stay wire. The “S” knot is smooth to the touch and strong enough to resist animal impact. The animal friendly S-Knot protects animals’ skin and coat.





livewire-solidlock-fixedknot-bekaertFixed Knot: Found on Solidlock products, this design is top of the line. Fixed knot utilizes solid vertical stay wires, which increases the vertical strength of the fence and allows for increased post spacing. The knot is a separate piece of wire tightly wrapped around the line wire and stay wire. Fixed knot is very resistant to animal damage. It’s the top choice of professional installers.








How to read the Bekaert fence design number:

Woven wire is available in a variety of heights and configurations. Understanding the products description will help you select the right fence for your job.
















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