New Catalog!

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We have a new catalog and as soon as I can figure out how to upload it to the site it will be available. In the mean time if you would like us to mail you one please email me or call the shop and we can get that out to you ASAP! We apologize for any misunderstanding by having the old catalog still as a link. If you need more information about Powder River, Bekaert wire, Stafix or Patriot items (Tru-Test) I encourage you to look on their websites and their catalogs for more details about the items. http://www.powderriver.com/ https://group.tru-test.com ...

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Prattley 3-Way Sort Weigh Crate

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Wire Sale

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We are offering 13-48-6 x 330′ rolls of wire for the outstanding price of $280.00 a roll. Please call the office today and reserve your Class III, high tensile Bekeart Wire, the best there is with a 20 year warranty.

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Electric netting

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Customers have been using the electric netting to contain their sheep and goats this spring and summer. Most of the netting you see along highway 70 and around is Premier netting we have sold to the grazing contractors.  This time of year most of our customers use what is called positive/negative netting, with every other wire being a ground wire.  This is especially useful in dry conditions, like we experience in California, so the animals still get a zap when they touch the fence.  It is important to hook the ground wire to the ground rod as well as to the charger to make sure the...

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What works? What doesnt?

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During the summer months many customers call to ask about why their fence is not as “hot” as it should be right now.  Our advice to “heat” up the fence during the dry summer months is to do one or two things: 1. add additional ground rods to the system 2. or/and have a slow leak of water around the ground rods (especially if the ground rods are only in the ground 2-3 feet) And don’t forget to “bait” the wire with something yummy to taste (peanut butter or grease) so the animals that might have forgotten what it is like to get a shock from the fence,...

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Hot weather and fencing!

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California is always unpredictable when it comes to the weather.  We have 100+ degree heat for a few days and now it is cloudy, rainy, and cool.  Now is the time to get your fencing jobs going! We have t-posts, wood posts (lodge pole), Bekaert wire, electric fencing, EVERYTHING you need.  Give us call!!!! We can help.

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