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Live Wire Products, Inc began thirty-seven years ago, in 1976 in Rough and Ready CA. Live Wire Products was the first distributor of New Zealand style fencing in the United States. Prior to 1976 Jack and Nancy Henderson owned and operated a small hardware store and traditional fencing business for eleven years in Grass Valley. As true pioneering entrpreneurs in Nevada County, they were presented the chance to sell the original business, which then afforded the opportunity to begin Live Wire Products. The original facility, a small hay barn, did not allow the business to grow as fast as the demands, so expansion soon became necessary. Following the devestating 49er fire in 1988, business recovery demanded a new location for Live Wire Products. Marysville soon emerged as an affordable town to begin the growing phase of Live Wire. The new concept of low impedance electric fence controllers and high tensile smooth wire fencing offered a low cost method to contain livestock and manage pastures. For the U.S. market it became a defense from predators, especially when wildlife managment dollars ran short. This began a fencing revolution in the sheep industry. Over the years and many miles later, the basics remain the same. Karen and Jim, daughter and son-in-law, are available to help with your fencing questions, as well as John, who has worked at Live Wire for over 5 years.

True pioneers in the electric fencing industry!

The Hendersons have spent more than 35 years importing the New Zealand electric fencing products, designing and manufacturing the LWP brand of products, all so the needs of the livestock and sheep industry can be accomplished with the electric fencing product. The Henderson's strongly believe in working cooperatively in supporting the beef and sheep industry within California as well as across the U.S. They have been supporters and donors to the American Sheep Industry (ASI), CA Wool Growers Association, as well as California FFA. They donate thousands of dollars each year towards scholarships and in support of junior livestock auctions. The Henderson's commute daily to Marysville to oversee their buisness. Both enjoy the daily interaction and conversation with producers, helping them solve their fence questions, trouble shooting a fence line, or giving them quotes for new fencing systems. They work hard to bring new, affordable technology to the producers, as well as a wide variety of permanent wire fencing.

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